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Thinking about writing something about developing resilience on an individual and team level - making the points that resilience is 90% pro-active, that it's about 'talking to people' - using social support and that we have to be kinder to ourselves - to focus on what we are good at - as people as well as football players/staff....the ability to ask for help. That we are negatively biased. We need to pro-actively look out for the good stuff. How people can ask for help. How being vulnerable is a strength and is to be applauded. The point that the vulnerable leader is a strong leader - a human leader - is a person who is authentic and allows firstly themselves to know and is aware about all aspects of their personality - and then is bold and strong and safe enough in themselves to allow other people in.

Also something about awareness and how this is the key to performance. Awareness of how one performs under pressure - how can you speak more effectively in a team for example or talk to your manager or your captain. Awareness of these things allows you to work on coping strategies (self-regulation) which then allows you to feel a sense of control, which leads to confidence and ultimate performance. The key thing here is 'consistency' - and the process of repeating performance and being able to play to your potential game after game after game.