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Modern business is characterised by an often high-stakes environment in which consistent performance can be the difference between success and failure. Awaremind offers high performance consultancy services that allows business to reach and maintain its peak performance goals, producing consistent results over time. This is achieved by applying proven techniques from the world of sports and performance psychology to business environments.

We focus on improving self-awareness in organisations, teams and individuals, leading to greater insight and resilience in high-pressure situations. This awareness allows people to self-regulate (employ coping strategies) which leads to a sense of self-control thus creating the sort of confidence that drives and delivers consistent high performance.

By understanding the way in which leaders and staff need to change and adapt to circumstances, Awaremind is able to tailor service to need, ensuring maximum impact, and long-term improvement.

Sports & Performing Arts

Awaremind has worked with top athletes in multiple disciplines, leading musicans and actors.

We have worked at Olympic Games, World Cups, European Championships and in professional Rugby and Cricket. We have experience working with individuals, teams and coaching staff, helping them to maintain consistently high performance.

Our founder, Tom, was a key member of the Great Britain women’s hockey team at the London 2012 Olympics, which went on to win a bronze medal. He has also worked for England Rugby , the England Blind Football Team and Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby.

These experiences and further work as a performance psychologist in business and sport has provided specialist knowledge in the areas of mental resilience in high-pressure environments. We understand the mental fortitude needed to perform consistently at the highest levels of sport and the performing arts.

Our expertise includes:

  • Performing under pressure.
  • Leadership development focusing on transformational leadership
  • Increasing resilience in individuals & teams.
  • Talent development & transitions from Junior or Academy to the professional ranks.
  • Self-awareness leading to self regulation (coping skills).
  • Mental skills coaching - self-talk, visualisation, relaxation skills, goal-setting.
  • Developing confidence.
  • Team development
  • Developing a vision, values & behaviour framework.
  • Team relationships using Insights Discovery Personality Profiles.

Awaremind offers our full expertise to individual athletes and performers as well as to teams and coaching staff.

Our offer is simple: the ability to consistently achieve your best performance.