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Awaremind is a high-performance consultancy, dedicated to increasing awareness and providing coping strategies and tools to allow clients to perform consistently and effectively.

We are coaches to C-suite executives and their teams in FTSE 100/250, Private Equity and Venture Capital backed businesses and elite sports teams and individuals, enabling them to achieve consistently high levels of performance.

Through our work with Olympic, Paralympic and International athletes as well as some of the leading business executives in the UK and Europe, we have come to specialise in team effectiveness, developing resilience, supporting leaders and leadership and executive coaching.

High Performance for Business and Sport

Our varied expertise is ideal for taking both executives and athletes to the next level of their performance. We specialise in helping clients to achieve…

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a journey taken by both client and consultant. It aims to increase the client’s self-understanding, so that they can relate to themselves…

Developing Resilience

In order to develop resilience, you have to be aware of how you think, how you feel, how your body reacts under pressure and how…

Mastering Leadership: Navigating Success in Investment and Entrepreneurial Ventures


Effective leadership is essential for success in both the private equity and venture capital realms, as well as in startups where teams are often small but dynamic. Leadership qualities such as self-awareness, the ability to navigate change, and fostering team cohesion are crucial for driving performance and achieving organisational objectives. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of leadership in private equity and venture capital, strategies for effective leadership, and techniques for coaching teams to optimise performance and navigate challenges.

There are plenty of Difficult Obstacles in Your Path. Don’t Allow yourself to become one of them.

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