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Awaremind has extensive experience with individual professional athletes and with teams, including Olympic medalists and Paralympians, helping them to deliver their best performance consistently. These skills have also been extended to business men and women – both individuals (from C-suite to managers) and companies – enabling them to achieve their full potential in the high-paced modern business environment.

Tom Cross

Tom Cross is a Sports Psychologist working in elite sport with over 10 years’ experience. He draws on this time in Professional and Olympic sports to enable his clients to deliver more aware, impactful and consistent versions of themselves. He knows what it takes to deliver at the highest level and has supported teams and individuals in achieving podium success.

Tom worked as a Sports Psychologist for the English Institute of Sport (EIS) for 7 years between 2007-2014. He spent 6 years with the Great Britain woman’s hockey team and supported them at various competitions including the London 2012 Olympics (Bronze Medal), 2 World Cups and 2 Commonwealth Games. While at the EIS he also worked for England Rugby. Tom has extensive experience working in cricket, football, golf and tennis, where he has coached juniors in the top 50 and worked with players transitioning from junior to senior ranks especially. Tom is also a UK Sport endorsed coach mentor for Olympic and Paralympic coaches focusing on Pyeongchang in 2018 and Tokyo 2020.

He is now Director of Awaremind Performance Consultancy based in London, UK. Tom has worked with professional clubs such as Crystal Palace Football Club, London Irish Rugby Club and he is his currently in his fourth season with Sussex County Cricket Club (SCCC).

At SCCC Tom works closely with the coaches (Head, Assistant, Academy Director) on the culture of the staff and the players. This has included co-creating and bringing to life a vision, values and behaviours that the team aspire to and are held to account through review sessions throughout the season. He also works with identified players to support them becoming more mentally resilient in order to more consistently perform to their potential. This includes work identifying strengths and developmental areas when performing under pressure.

Other areas include:

Developing self-awareness leading to appropriate coping strategies.

Work on Resilience & Grit.

Team Culture: Vision, Values, Behaviours, Empowerment, Accountability.

Team Dynamics: Insights Discovery Personality Profiles debriefs and team coaching

Developing and implementing systematic pressure training programs.

Leadership development

Captain & Vice Captain working relationship

Developing the leadership group

Through working with sports leaders and coaches on a day-to-day basis, Tom is immersed in the world of coaching and leadership. He understands how leaders must adapt and change their style in relation to the context they are working in. Tom is passionate about coaching and its integral role in team and organisational effectiveness and wellbeing.

Tom has a strong interest in mental resilience. He utilises his background working in elite sport to help clients understand and develop their ability to perform under pressure and fulfill their potential. He is especially interested in increasing people’s awareness of their personal resources and their capability to employ them when needed. Developing high performing teams is a passion of his. He was part of the only team (GB Women’s Hockey) to medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Gold medal at Rio 2016). This experience coupled with the numerous business and other sporting teams he’s worked with and within has provided an expert understanding of what it takes to work effectively and implement processes that support the development of a high performing team.

Tom has also worked globally as a consultant in business as a trainer, executive coach and facilitator for the past 6 years. He has worked in a cross-section of industries around the World. These have included companies such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Heineken, Standard Life Investments, Molson Coors, British Telecom, Vodafone, Sainsbury’s, Mandara Capital, Civil Service Learning (UK Government) Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK), and

Tom is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Associate Fellow and Chartered Sports and Exercise Psychologist and a Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom.