Confidence Coach: How One Can Improve Your Overall Performance


No matter who you are or what you do for a living, what sort of upbringing you had or what your place is in this world, all of us suffer from a lack of confidence from time to time.

A lot of us feel that we need to bear the weight that a lack of confidence or low self-esteem brings, all on our lonesome. Yes, it’s a condition that comes from within and brought out by external factors, but it is most certainly not a challenge you need to face on your own.

Having a low self-esteem or a lack of confidence are truly complex states to be in and have been studied by professionals for over a century. Self-esteem as a distinct psychological construct is believed to have its origins in the works of William James who was a philosopher and psychologist in the late 1800’s.

Remember this; you’re not alone, nor are you the first to experience this.

Who can help?

Confidence coaches. They help you generate a positive outlook on life and raise the image that you have of yourself.

Whether it be in business, sports or everyday life, let’s look at how a confidence coach can improve your overall performance.

In business:


In order to be truly successful in your career, confidence is critical. There’s no doubt about it. Having a deep sense of self-belief can have an incredibly positive effect on your daily tasks as well as on the the people around you. If you are feeling low on confidence, a confidence coach may be able to assist in the following:

  • Overall leadership coaching (focusing on transformational leadership)
  • Small business coaching (how to help you build up the confidence to take risks)
  • Conflict resolution (empowering you with the tools to deal with the conflict between employees or colleagues)
  • Talent development & transitions into new roles
  • Management coaching (having the confidence to manage people effectively)
  • Public speaking (how to speak with gravitas and conviction)
  • Anger management (how to turn your anger into a positive tool)
  • Stress management
  • Executive coaching
  • Team relationships using Insights Discovery Personality Profiles

Confidence coaches can also assist with keeping you motivated in terms of achieving your short and long-term goals. At Awaremind, we focus on the improvement of self-awareness in organisations, teams, and individuals. We strive to assist in creating the sort of confidence that drives and delivers consistently high performance, which is somewhat seen as a necessity in modern-day business.

In sport:


In sport, confidence plays an integral role when it comes to good form, team spirit, and overall performance. Some may go so far as saying that it’s the most powerful mental factor for an athlete.

What stems from confidence?



Belief, desire and among others, big match temperament. Some believe that confidence is a skill, that you don’t have to show signs of it from an early age, but that it can be learned just like any other technique. A skill that can be refined or sharpened if you will.

Comparable to business, so too can confidence coaches assist with professionals in sport, no matter the level or environment of the athlete. With continued focus, effort, and repetition, a confidence coach may help a sportsman with the following:

  • Performing under pressure
  • Leadership development focusing on transformational leadership
  • Increasing resilience in individuals & teams
  • Talent development & transitions from Junior or Academy to the professional ranks
  • Self-awareness leading to self-regulation (coping skills)

It’s safe to say that allowing a confidence coach to assist with the challenges you face in life can only be a beneficial undertaking for you and the people around you – your loved ones want to see you grow and perform at your best. When your confidence is high and you’re succeeding, you’re the greatest version of yourself.

Awaremind’s chief emphasis is based on increasing self-awareness. In doing so, it allows for the adoption of coping strategies, leading to a greater sense of control, improving confidence and driving achievement for the individuals or teams we work with.

If you’re currently struggling with confidence, be it in business or sports, get in touch with us. Our founder, Tom Cross, has the expertise to help you improve your self-esteem and achieve consistently elevated levels of performance in business, sport, and the performing arts.