Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a journey taken by both client and consultant. It aims to increase the client’s self-understanding, so that they can relate to themselves and others in a more thoughtful and empowered way and can take an active part in changing their lives.

People seek coaching for a multitude of reasons. More often than not, they are facing obstacles, such as problems at work, struggling with work/life balance, transitions to a new role or company and working on leadership.

Beyond tackling our immediate challenges, coaching can also show us a richer way of living. Having a more intimate understanding of what is going on in our minds leaves us in a more connected and integrated state. Then we can be kinder to ourselves and to relate more meaningfully to other people, to our work, and to all aspects of our lives.

Executive leadership coaching works best when it:

  • Is used to help drive cultural change and team effectiveness in an organisation.
  • Helps individuals to address specific issues or enhance their performance when taking on a particularly challenging work role or project.
  • Provides professional and personal development that is particularly appropriate for those in senior positions who have little time and for whom being lonely at the top can be a common experience.
  • Is driven by the needs of the client. It is about assisting people to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future. It is a partnership between the executive coaches and the client for a defined period.