Adrienn Major

Founder POD LDN (April 2023 – Present)

“As someone who still considers themselves fairly new to running a business, I wanted to pass on a valuable recommendation to those in a similar situation and could use some guidance. This year, I had the privilege of partnering with the talented coach, Tom Cross CPsychol AFBPsS, who specialises in Leadership, Personal Development, and Performance Psychology. Working with Tom has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to:

  • Unlock My Full Potential: Tom has helped me better understand my personal skills and how I can leverage them to maximise my strengths.
  • Achieve Tangible Results: His results-oriented approach has been instrumental in driving me towards my goals and objectives.
  • Cultivate the Right Mindset: Tom has been invaluable in teaching me how to approach challenging situations with the right mindset and a focus on desired outcomes.
I wholeheartedly recommend Tom to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skillset or seeking personal and professional development. He’s been an incredible asset to my journey, and I’m confident he can do the same for you.”

Philip Rozier

CEO of Lucion Group – PE backed (Palatine) (2023 – Present)

“Being a relatively new CEO in the private equity world, I was experiencing numerous new pressures from investors, the post-COVID economy and the acquisition integration workload.  Having access to technical and industry experts (via the investor portfolio and the group’s Chairman), I found it excellent to get independent advice and support based more on me and less on the business.  People management, time management, and personal space and focus were the key topics in which I gained progress from Tom’s experience and help.  Calm, approachable, and above all enjoyable, giving yourself the time with Tom will benefit your understanding of yourself and those around you.”

Partner of a PE Firm


“I was keen to work with Tom, given his credentials in elite sport, and to explore the parallels in private equity.  They are real.  In short, with his help, relentless focus on the inputs and process can lead to gold medals, rather than as most do, focusing on the prize itself.”

Investment Director of a Private Equity Firm

(2022 – Present).

“I felt that I was hitting various roadblocks in my career – be it around internal perception, transitioning to a firm leader, or getting promoted. Tom has been indispensable in helping me hold up a mirror, create a clear and honest assessment of my strengths and development areas and then form a practical plan for personal development. Tom has an engaging and highly personable style helps get the best out of people. I highly recommend him to industry professionals keen to pursue personal growth.”

Multinational pharmaceutical firm

(2023 – Present).

“I wanted to drop you a note of sincere thanks for the time you spent with the XXXXXX SLT this week – it was a great session, perhaps one of the most impactful I or many of the team have attended. Thank you for holding the space for the team to open up, start really knowing & understanding each other and create a shared intention to start this journey.

Our experience with you this week shows the importance of having the right person delivering these sessions. Thank you for investing in getting to know the team before the meeting through your 1:1s to deliver a session that tapped into their needs and was within the context of where we currently are – further enabled through your agility in leaning into where the energy of the group took us vs sticking minute by minute to the agenda.”

Kate Richardson

Walsh OBE OLY – England & Great Britain Women’s Hockey Captain (2009-2014)

“Tom facilitated and shaped the development of our team culture which was at the core of taking the team from 8th in the World to Olympic bronze medalists at the Olympic Games in London 2012. The British team who won gold in Rio 2016 have much to thank Tom for, as his work laid the foundations for that history making win.

His ability to navigate the relationship between players and staff was exceptional and as a result he gained the trust from all those who worked with him. Tom has a hunger to learn, and that growth mindset certainly rubbed off on those he worked with in the team.

Because of Tom’s open nature he was able to create psychological safe spaces within the team which helped us embrace greater levels of vulnerability and build trust which is crucial for any team. He is also engaging and fun to be around which really provided balance in our management team.”

John Lewis

England Young Lions Head Coach / England Fast bowling Coach (2014 – 2018)

“I worked with Tom during my time at Sussex County Cricket Club where we worked closely together developing players from elite internationals to academy and age group teams.

Alongside this Tom worked at length with our multi-disciplinary management team helping develop strong working and trusted social relationships that still survive long after we have moved on from Sussex Cricket.

I always found Tom easy to talk to openly and honestly about wide ranging subjects that helped me with my coaching and work-life balance. His knowledge of his subject is deep and was quick to find solutions to player/coach and or team communication or strategy issues.”

Mathew Cuthbertson

Managing Director, Financial Services – Drax Executive

“Tom has had a really positive impact in a number of areas at Drax. Firstly, he has been instrumental in helping evolve our culture and senior leadership team learning from his extensive experience in elite sport and business.

Secondly, Tom has always impressed on the projects we’ve partnered on externally. He really cares about people and is passionate about supporting individuals to be a better version of themselves.

Tom is able to build strong relationships with CEOs and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to our clients or my network.”

Phil Salt

Professional Cricketer – Sussex CCC & England 1 day team (2011- Present)

“I was lucky enough to work with Tom in a few different stages of my career, from being a teenager on the academy to being a couple of years into my professional career.

I was very fortunate to have him around to chat through all aspects of the game performance wise and what it required of me as a player mentally in such a delicate, developmental time in my career.

We also talked about things going on in my personal life off the pitch. I was very fortunate to have worked with Tom.”

Simon Key

Managing Director of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (2016 – 2020)

“Tom has been a key asset in developing performance management strategies and giving practical advice to help drive positive career developments.

He is dedicated, approachable and extremely experienced and knowledgeable, which combine to achieve great results.”

Gary Elliott

Group HR Director – McCarthy & Stone (2019-Present)

“Tom has quickly built a strong level of rapport with our CEO & Executive team. This has allowed him to provide valuable insights as we seek to raise the bar on our individual and team performance levels.”

Luke Wells

Professional Cricketer – Lancashire CCC & Sussex CCC (2011-2020)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom at Sussex CCC together. He was an invaluable resource to me who listened intently and always had fantastic insights which often allowed me to self-reflect and undoubtedly aided my performance and coping strategies with the pressures of first class cricket.”

Chris Jordan

Professional Cricketer – Sussex CCC & England T20 (all-time leading wicket taker)

“Very approachable and easy-going person, treated every individual separately and was able to aid in my performance by constantly reminding me to keep things simple which is exactly what was required for me.”

Danny Kerry

Gold Medal winning coach of Great Britain Hockey (2008 – 2012)

“Tom has proven to be an invaluable asset to the GB Women’s Hockey Olympic Programme. During his time, so far Tom has helped in developing the high performance culture prevalent in our squad, has implemented a wide scale self awareness programme and worked individually with athletes and staff.

Tom is integral to our success in this current Olympic cycle (2008-12).”

Hamish Purdey

CEO – FE fundinfo (2020 – Present).

“I’ve been working with Tom on my personal improvement for just over a year now. His focus, insight and intellect have been fantastic to keep me on track on the key issues to drive performance both for myself and the team.

I thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve.”

Nigel Howell

CEO – FirstPort (2019 – Present).

“Most good people in senior positions understand the need to tune their performance and deliver a more positive impact more simply.

Tom gives people the gift of seeing themselves as others see them – but also then the coaching to bring out their best and build on success.”

Paul Lester

Non-Executive Chairman – Essentra PLC, Readypower Group, Marley Limited, Signia Wealth (2019 – Present).

“Tom has been invaluable in both assessing and coaching some of the senior executives in the businesses I’m involved in.

He is able to work on an individual and team level to support and challenge both the process and people to achieve consistent levels of effective performance.”