High Performance for Business and Sport

Our varied expertise is ideal for taking both executives and athletes to the next level of their performance. We specialise in helping clients to achieve consistent high performance through executive coaching, mental conditioning, performance psychology and mental skills coaching.

We also have a sweet spot in supporting the creation of successful teams and establishing team effectiveness that drives (among other things);

  1. collective leadership,
  2. empowerment and accountability
  3. psychological safety,
  4. role clarity,
  5. defining the why

This is key to achieiving high performance goals.

Awaremind is dedicated to using skills learned through sports psychology to help not only athletes, but senior executives too. We understand what it takes to develop and sustain high levels of performance.

Our expertise includes:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Board & Team Facilitation
  • Sports Psychology – Mental Skills Coaching
  • Team Effectiveness – Developing High performing Teams.
  • Resilience Training.
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Leadership development.
  • Developing trust in teams – psychological safety.

By using these techniques, we allow you to increase your self-awareness, leading to better self-regulation and a greater sense of control. This in turn improves confidence and drives consistent levels of high performance.

We also specialise in mental resilience, allowing our clients in the sport and business world to perform better than ever in high pressure situations.